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The Jimmy Dore Show

8. Mai 2024 - 18:00

Whitney will be joining The Jimmy Dore Show live today. The show starts at 2pm ET. Airing live on YouTube and Rumble. This page will be updated with links to the interview when it gets posted after the livestream ends.

The Jimmy Dore Show.

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The Carbon Credit Coup with Mark Goodwin

1. Mai 2024 - 17:00

In this episode, Whitney and Mark Goodwin discuss their recent article on GREEN+ and its efforts to impose a carbon market on Latin America through satellite surveillance and opaque contractual agreements as well as attempts to obfuscate a shift to totalitarianism as “free market” capitalism and altruism.

Show notes

Follow Mark: @markgoodw_inBTC Magazine.

Originally published 04/29/24.

Podcast available now on all Podcast appsRokfinSoundCloudOdyseePodverse.fm.

Podcast available now on all Podcast apps. Video on Rokfin and Odysee. Clips on Podverse.fm.

The Carbon Credit Coup with Mark Goodwin.

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The Kim Iversen Show

26. April 2024 - 20:45

Whitney will be joining Kim Iversen today to discuss the latest UH article “Debt From Above: The Carbon Credit Coup.” Will update with timestamp information after show airs. Available on Rumble.

The Kim Iversen Show.

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