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Russian air defenses destroy 11 drones over Kursk and Kaluga

vor 2 Stunden 20 Minuten

Moscow, SANA- Russian air defense systems shot down on Friday 11 Ukrainian drones over Kursk and Kaluga regions.

“The Kiev regime’s attempted a terrorist attack by using drones on facilities in the Russian territory was thwarted, as air defense systems destroyed one Ukrainian drone over Kaluga region and 10 over Kursk region”, Sputnik News Agency quoted Russian Defense Ministry as saying in a statement.

Nisreen Othman / Shaza Qreima

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A new investment license for chemical industries in Syria with estimated cost at 42.8 billion SYP

vor 4 Stunden 43 Minuten

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Investment Authority has granted a new investment license under Law No. 18 of 2021, for a phosphoric acid production project in Adra Industrial City, in Damascus countryside province.

The project’s products are in increasing demand locally and globally, especially with the increasing interest in supporting and developing agricultural production to achieve food security by relying on national resources and reducing the import bill, Director of the Syrian Investment Authority, Madin Diab told SANA reporter.

Diab added that phosphoric acid is used as a raw material in many important industries, especially in the manufacture of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers used in agriculture.

The cost of the project amounts to 42.8 billion Syrian pounds.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Mazen Eyon

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President Al-Assad and First Lady, Mrs. Asma, meet students of Dar Al-Aman School for sons of the Martyrs in Tartous

28. September 2023 - 18:13

Tartous, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad and First Lady, Mrs. Asma, met on Thursday students of Dar al-Aman School for sons of the Martyrs in Tartous city, celebrating with them the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday.

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Syria participates in 9th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations, Qufu

28. September 2023 - 18:06

Beijing,SANA- Syria participated in the sub-forum of 9th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations held in the Chinese city of Qufu and entitled “Museums: Bridges Connecting Human Past, Present and Future”.

During the sub-forum, the curator of the National Museum in Damascus, researcher Rima Khawam, gave a lecture entitled: “Damascus National Museum …the importance of the international museums”.

In the lecture, Khawam said that Syria embraces more than 5000 archaeological sites, of which 2865 ones that are registered and documented, adding that six of these figures are among the Inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“Among the treasures of Syrian civilizations, there are 40 unique museums distributed across the country which show many elements of the traditional Syrian culture narrating intercultural accumulations that had lived throughout the country” the researcher added.

Regarding the importance of international exhibitions, Khawam explained, “In 2020, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums worked in cooperation with several cultural institutions to hold international exhibitions, including ones that took place in the National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman between the years 2020-2022, and an exhibition in Prague National Museum in 2022.

But the cooperation carried out by the Directorate and the Chinese archaeological authorities in terms of the number of pieces was the greatest,she stated.

The authenticity of Syrian antiquities participating in international exhibitions is an essential value in an era in which artificial intelligence is developing rapidly around the world, which will appear to be a rare opportunity for visitors in the coming years, she noted.

“It was agreed to hold six exhibitions in six museums in different Chinese provinces, the first of which was in the Nishan Museum, entitled “Incredible Syria” whose visitors reached one million”, she went on to say, adding that visiting it is still available at the Guangdong Museum till October 20th.

Khawam concluded her speech by emphasizing the importance of enhancing the image of museums at the international level, and their role in spreading culture with the participation of different communities.

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Honoring the winners of the 21st session of al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention

28. September 2023 - 13:43

Damascus, SANA- The awards ceremony and honoring the winners of the 21st session of al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention began on Thursday at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Damascus University.


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President al-Assad participates in a religious celebration on occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday at Omar bin al-Khattab Mosque in Lattakia

28. September 2023 - 13:06

Lattakia, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad participated on Thursday in a religious celebration held by Ministry of Awqaf on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday at Omar bin al-Khattab Mosque in Lattakia city.


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ACSAD presents the results of its work in agricultural development during a consultative workshop in Cairo

28. September 2023 - 12:34

Cairo, SANA- The Arab Center for Studies Arid Zones and Drylands (ACSAD) during an Arab consultative workshop hosted in Cairo on Thursday presented the research and applied studies completed by the Center and its proposals, to develop joint Arab action and achieve food security.

The workshop was held under the patronage of the Secretary-General of the Arab League and was attended by a number of Arab ministers and directors of organizations.

The Director-General of ACSAD, Dr. Naser Eddin Al Obaid, pointed out to the contribution of the research conducted by the Center to reducing the food gap and developing Arab agriculture.

Al-Obeid reviewed ACSAD’s vision to confront existing environmental challenges and their impact on agricultural activity through implementing the Cairo Declaration issued by the General Assembly of ACSAD Center in its 36th session on adapting to climate change and mitigating its negative effects on the Arab region.

Al-Obaid stressed that ACSAD is working to follow up on new technical and scientific developments at the international level and develop an information system with the aim of achieving the joint action strategy and increasing its effectiveness.

On the sidelines of the meetings, Al-Obaid discussed during his meetings with the Ministers of Agriculture of Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt the joint projects implemented by ACSAD in those countries, and finding effective ways to develop and boost joint businesses, programs, and activities to confront the existing economic and social challenges.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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Sabbagh: the US continues its flagrant violations against Syrian people

28. September 2023 - 9:54

New York, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, said that some permanent members at Security Council, particularly the US, continues to commit flagrant violations against Syria, while affirming during the Council’s meetings on necessity of respecting the Charter and the importance of defending international law principles.

Sabbagh affirmed affirmed at UNSC session on Syria that the US in that way, is trying to escape the destructive repercussions of the chaos and destruction policy that it has created in our region and other parts of the world.

He said that Syria has been facing serious challenges for years due to terrorism, illegitimate military presence of US and Turkish forces and repeated Israeli acts of aggression which were accompanied by interfering in the country’s internal affairs, in addition to the imposed economic embargo and unilateral coercive inhumane measures.

He stressed that those challenges blatantly violate the UN Charter, principles of international law and international humanitarian law, and all relevant Security Council resolutions stipulating respect for Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and that caused a state of instability in Syria and the whole region.

He affirmed that the US caused huge losses to the oil sector in Syria estimated at 115 billion Dollars, and it must be obligated to pay compensation for that, and also its European allies continue to impose coercive measures on Food, Health, Energy and Transport sectors, causing humanitarian and economic catastrophe.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Mazen Eyon

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Iran calls for lifting Western measures imposed on Syria

28. September 2023 - 9:06

New York, SANA- Iran’s permanent representative to the UN, Amir Saeid Iravani, called for lifting Western sanctions and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and putting an end for plundering its resources, stressing that his country continues to provide humanitarian aid for the Syrians in a just way.

During a Security Council session on political and humanitarian affairs in Syria, Iravani said “The humanitarian situation in Syria is still very dangerous, and one of the most important challenges facing Syria currently is the unstable economic situation due to unilateral sanctions and the illegitimate plundering of its resources’.

He went on saying ‘those two facts have affected the Syrians whether women or children.

Iravani added that Iran believes that the main solution to the crisis in Syria lies in political means, since military measures only lead to complicating the situation, noting that the role of UN in Syria must be supportive, and all operations must be done under the country’s leadership.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Mazen Eyon

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Relatively hot weather, above-average temperatures

28. September 2023 - 8:22

Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will be from 2 to 5 degrees above average as the country is affected by superficial low air pressure from the southeastern direction, accompanied by a high air pressure in the upper parts of atmosphere.

The skies will be clear in general with some scattered clouds over the coastal region, while it will be misty over the eastern and al-Badia regions, at night, the weather will be cold over the mountains, according to Meteorological Department.

The wind will be westerly to northwesterly with low to a moderate speed and some active gusts that exceeds 50 km/h, while the sea waves will be low in amplitude.

The expected temperatures in some Syrian cities will be as follows:

Damascus 35/19, Daraa 35/19, Homs 33/21, Hasaka 39/23, Tartous 31/23, Idleb 33/20, Deir Ezzor 39/24.

Rafah al-Allouni

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Iraq declares public mourning for three days over victims of Hamdaniya fire

27. September 2023 - 18:26

Baghdad, SANA- Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani announced Wednesday a public mourning in the whole country for the victims of the fire that broke out last night in a wedding hall in Hamdaniya, Nineveh Governorate, in the north of the country.

Prime Minister’s Media Office, said in statement quoted by Iraqi News Agency INA, that the prime minister declared of public mourning for a period of three days, for the victims who fell in the Hamdaniyah fire accident in the Nineveh Plain region.”

Ministry of Health spokesman Saif Al-Badr said that the fire caused , in an initial toll, passing away of more than 100 persons and injuring of 150 others, and the ambulance teams are continuing their efforts at the scene of the accident.


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Ancient city of Bosra one of Syrian attractions for Chinese tourist groups

27. September 2023 - 16:47

Daraa, SANA- A group of Chinese tourists visited the Ancient city of Bosra in Daraa countryside to get acquainted of its breathtaking ruins.

“The Roman Theater of Bosra in a unique architect icon that is unrepeatable in light of the modern architecture development in context of its design and constructing that is resistant to all natural factors”,The tourists said.

They attached great importance to preserving such city and working with international organizations concerned with the cultural heritage issue.

The increasing numbers of tourists is a sign of the recovery stage of this sector as well as the country situation in general, said Athar al-Salem, a tourist guide accompanying the group .

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Syria-China strategic relations a key factor in multipolar world order_Shalabata

27. September 2023 - 15:36

Prague, SANA- Syria-China strategic relations is a significant factor to build multipolar world order, said Chairman of the Czech Institute of International Relations (IIR), Jaromir Shalabata.

“The visit by President Bashar al-Assad to China puts Syria in the place it should be, where the China-Syria strategic partnership and the ongoing work to build a new multipolar order based on respect, justice and equality, Shalabata added.

He noted that the talks in China constitute a key and influencing element in the developments in the region and the world as security and stability can be achieved only in multipolar order that contributes to establishing sovereign states.

Unipolar order brings only disasters to the nations as it is against the aspirations of their peoples, Shalabata went on to say, voicing confidence that Syria would achieve victory over the embargo and terrorism it has been facing.

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Syrian-Russian Peace Center inaugurated in Sahnaya, Damascus Countryside

27. September 2023 - 9:35

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Syrian-Russian Peace Center was inaugurated in Sahnaya, Damascus Countryside.

The Center provides various artistic, cultural, musical, sporting and educational activities.


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Temperatures above average, cold weather at night

27. September 2023 - 9:10

Damascus, SANA- Temperatures continue to rise to become from 2 to 5 degrees above average as the country is affected by a superficial low air pressure from the southeast accompanied by a subtropical high air pressure in in all layers of the atmosphere.

Meteorology Department expected in its Wednesday bulletin that the skies will be clear and hot in general, as the weather will be partly cloudy over the coastal region and misty in the eastern and al-Badia regions.

The weather will be cold over the mountains at night, warning against the formation of frost over the central region and Qalamoun in the morning, Meteorology Department added.

The winds will be westerly to southwesterly with a low to moderate speed, and the sea waves will be low in height.

The expected temperatures in some major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 38/19, Daraa 33/20, Homs 32/20, Lattakia 31/24, Aleppo 34/20 and Deir Ezzor 38/23.

Nisreen Othman

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15 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank

27. September 2023 - 8:55

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- The Israeli occupation forces arrested 15 Palestinians on Wednesday in different areas in the West Bank.

Wafa News Agency reported that the occupation forces stormed at dawn on Wednesday Beit Daqo town and al-Issawiya village in occupied Jerusalem and arrested eight Palestinians, and five others in Nablus city, including three brothers and two young men from Tubas city in the West Bank, after raiding and searching their houses.

On Tuesday, the occupation forces arrested 10 Palestinians in different areas in the West Bank.

Nisreen Othman

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Sabbagh: Syria demands lifting coercive measures imposed, considers them economic terrorism

26. September 2023 - 18:18

Damascus, SANA-Syria demanded the lifting of the coercive measures imposed on it and on a number of countries, as it is considered economic terrorism.

Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, head of the Syrian delegation to the 78th session of the UNSC said that the world is witnessing serious challenges, foremost of which is fueling devastating conflicts in several regions, the continued occupation and the spread of terrorism, which requires cooperation among member states to build a new multipolar world order.

He added that US policies of creative chaos led to the destabilization of security and stability in our region and caused the emergence of terrorism and the destruction of development achievements. Multilateralism, the Charter of the UN, and other international agreements were not spared from this chaos, he noted.

Ambassador Sabbagh highlighted that “Israel” continues to violate the UN Charter and international humanitarian law by occupying Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan, establishing settlements, changing the demographics, plundering resources, and seizing lands.

Sabbagh stressed that Syria reaffirms its right to restore the entire occupied Golan, which is an inalienable right, that is not subject to bargaining, guaranteed by international law and relevant UN resolutions.

Syria has not and will not spare any effort to stand by the Palestinian people in their struggle to restore their rights, especially their right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, and to grant Palestine full membership in the UN, Sabbagh underscored.

Ambassador Sabbagh went on to say that the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian cities, ports, and civilian airports are pushing the region to unprecedented levels of tension, and Syria condemns these attacks and denounces the support of some countries that declare themselves protectors of international humanitarian law for these practices.

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Russian Defense: The army downs a Ukrainian fighter jet and 57 drones over the past 24 hours

26. September 2023 - 17:33

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that the army shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter at Kolpakino Airport in Nikolaev Province and 57 drones in various areas during the past day.

“The Ukrainian army’s individual losses amounted to about 655 during the 24 past hours ” as the Ministry said in its daily statement.

According to the statement, 5 Himars missiles, a guided aerial bomb, and an American-made HARM anti-radar missile were intercepted.

Hybah/ Mazen

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Damascus University acquires international accreditation from WFME

26. September 2023 - 15:49

Damascus, SANA- Damascus University obtained recognized accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), Ministry of Higher Education and Research announced.

 Damascus University is the first Syrian one to recieve such accreditation, Rector of the university Mohammed Ossama Jabban said, adding that this is a great breakthrough that remarkably contributes to recognizing the certificate of the Faculty of Medicine here internationally.

Rector Jabban hoped success to the rest of the Syrian universities in their pursuit of such achievements.

This accreditation ensures that a graduate of the medical faculty can exercise their profession worldwide and also guarantees their pursuing the specialization and academic achievement abroad, al-Jabban noted.


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