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Massive Demonstration of Support for Lopez Obrador in Mexico City

27. November 2022 - 19:16
AMLO was elected in 2018 and heralded as the Bernie Sanders of Mexico
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Xi vs Trudeau Exchange: China Now See's Itself as a Superpower

27. November 2022 - 17:01
Western powers have used the pretense of China’s human rights record to provide a moral foundation for meddling
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Biden Must Demand That Al-Sisi Release Alaa Abd El-Fattah

27. November 2022 - 13:17
President Biden should work for the immediate release of Alaa Abd El-Fattah and many more Egyptian political prisoners before granting Sisi a plum White House meeting.
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The Not Very Smart Elon Musk

27. November 2022 - 12:30
As Twitter implodes under Musk's rule, a lawsuit argues Tesla is vastly overpaying the world's richest man.
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Scientists Revive ‘Zombie’ Virus After 50,000 Years Trapped in Siberian Permafrost

26. November 2022 - 20:09
Researchers documented 13 never-before-seen viruses that have been lying dormant, frozen in thick ice, over tens of thousands of years.
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Taxing the Rich Requires More Than Policy

26. November 2022 - 13:30
The Left is finally waking to the power of ballot initiatives as tools to advance egalitarian and redistributive policy.
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I'll Support Him If He Does—But Joe, Please Don't Run

26. November 2022 - 12:43
Apologies if I repeat myself (I've written much of this before), but, hell, I'm getting old—as is Joe.
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Loss and Damage Fund as a Paradigm Shift

26. November 2022 - 12:06
The fight for a liveable planet will be won or lost in this decade.
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'Cleaner Air Is Coming' as London Expands Vehicle Pollution Fee to Entire Metro Area

25. November 2022 - 23:08
"Around 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year because of long-term exposure to air pollution, with the greatest number of deaths in outer London boroughs," noted Mayor Sadiq Khan in announcing the expansion.
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Symbolic But Significant: Why the Decision to Investigate Abu Akleh's Murder Is Unprecedented

25. November 2022 - 19:31
Though the US investigation of Abu Akleh’s murder is unlikely to result in any kind of justice, it is a very important moment in US-Israeli and US-Palestinian relationships.
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Women's Rights Are Essential to Democracy

25. November 2022 - 19:11
Several countries with authoritarian structures of government offer powerful examples of denial of women's rights.
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'Amazing News': Historic Shark Protections Approved at Global Wildlife Convention

25. November 2022 - 18:38
Up to 90% of sharks targeted by the lucrative fin trade will now be protected, said one advocate.
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'The Nightmare Materializes': Far-Right Extremist Itamar Ben-Gvir to Be Israel's National Security Minister

25. November 2022 - 18:35
The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Palestinian Authority said Ben-Gvir's elevation to national security minister could have a "catastrophic impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
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Raging Wars, Soaring Hunger Put Women and Girls in Crosshairs, Warns UN

25. November 2022 - 17:58
"A toxic mix of crises—conflicts, climate, skyrocketing costs, and the ripple effects of the Ukraine war—are inflicting a devastating toll on the forcibly displaced. This is being felt across the world, but women and girls are particularly suffering."
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Carbon Bombing the Climate Must End

25. November 2022 - 17:36
We cannot tackle climate change, and save our collective future, while increasing military spending.
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The Not-So-Silent Progressive Majority in the US

25. November 2022 - 17:04
The unanticipated outcome of the U.S. 2022 midterm election shows that Americans can sense the challenges they face, and believe that they can do a better job of addressing them through civil, informed debate and well-designed public policy. In fact, whether they realize it or not, most support progressive objectives.
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This Far-Right Republican Party Is Not Nearly as Divided as Some Think

25. November 2022 - 16:50
It is surely true that some Republican voters have lost their appetite for Trump. But the more important truth is that should Trump fail to be the Republican nominee in 2024, the nominee is very likely to be another far-right Republican—possibly someone even more effective and dangerous.
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Don't Be Fooled. This Is What Elon Musk Is Really Up to With Twitter

25. November 2022 - 16:23
As a private fief, Twitter could never be the world's public square. That was never the point.
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Greta Thunberg Joins 630+ Young People in Landmark Climate Lawsuit Against Sweden

25. November 2022 - 15:58
"The Swedish state fails to meet the constitutional requirement to promote sustainable development leading to a good environment for present and future generations," said the plaintiffs.
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One Day of Warren Buffett Wealth Gains Could Fund 15 Days of Paid Sick Leave for Rail Workers

25. November 2022 - 15:34
"Buffett could avert a rail strike today by giving workers what they need: paid sick days," said Sen. Bernie Sanders' staff director. "That's how you give thanks."
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