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No More Backroom Deals—Let the American People See Who Is Willing to Fight for Them

vor 2 Stunden 7 Minuten
It's time for lawmakers from both parties to show—with their actions not empty promises—whether or not they are the side of this country's working people.
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It’s Time for a Global Billionaire and Millionaire Wealth Tax to Save Our Living Planet

vor 2 Stunden 25 Minuten
The next time you hear someone say it is impossible to solve the climate and biodiversity crises, let them know that the only thing impossible is governments actually acting without massive grassroots pressure.
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'There Is No Military Solution': Jayapal, Lee Demand Diplomacy on Ukraine

vor 4 Stunden 26 Minuten
"We call upon our colleagues to allow the administration to find a diplomatic way out of this crisis," said the progressive Democrats.
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Gun-Maker Slammed for 'Children's Assault Rifles' Based on AR-15

vor 4 Stunden 40 Minuten
"At first glance, this comes across as a grotesque joke," said one gun control advocate. "On second look, it's just grotesque."
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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire: Reports

vor 5 Stunden 21 Minuten
"President Biden has an opportunity to secure a seat on the bench for a justice committed to protecting our democracy and the constitutional rights of all Americans, including the freedom to vote."
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Dems Demand Biden Stop Maintaining Saudi Jets Causing 'Untold Suffering' in Yemen

vor 5 Stunden 50 Minuten
"Continued servicing of these jets could make the United States complicit in these likely war crimes," tweeted Rep. Tom Malinowski.
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New Analysis Exposes 'Bogus' Job-Creation Claims of Fossil Fuel Industry

vor 5 Stunden 54 Minuten
Oil and gas corporations say that curbing extraction will hurt employment, but new research shows they have increased production and fired workers at the same time.
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80+ Dems Tell Biden to Release Secret Memo on Student Debt Authority

vor 6 Stunden 20 Minuten
Leaders in Biden's own party strongly disagree with his insistence that he doesn't have the authority to broadly cancel student debt.
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San José Set to Pass First-in-Nation Gun Liability Insurance Law

vor 6 Stunden 28 Minuten
"This will truly save lives," said gun control advocates Moms Demand Action.
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Fox News' Favorite Economic Pundit Ain’t Joe Manchin. It's Somebody Even Worse

vor 7 Stunden 17 Minuten
The fact that at virtually every stage in Larry Summers' career he has often been wrong in judgement and key policy prescriptions, means little to Fox News and the Trump policy team.
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'On the Side of the People': Nina Turner Launches New Congressional Run in Ohio

vor 7 Stunden 54 Minuten
"Obstruction of the Democratic agenda is hurting Greater Cleveland and as the next congresswoman, I am going to fight back."
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Manchin Internationally Reviled Over Climate Obstruction

vor 7 Stunden 58 Minuten
"What the Americans do or don't do on climate will impact the world and it's incredible that this one coal lobbyist is holding things up."
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From Raincoats to Napkins, Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' Found in Everyday Products

vor 9 Stunden 11 Minuten
A new study finds that many products labeled stain- or water-resistant contain substances linked to a range of severe health issues, including cancer and reproductive harm.
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Despite Rights Abuses, Biden Approves $2.5 Billion Arms Sale to Egypt

vor 9 Stunden 23 Minuten
"Nothing says 'the U.S. doesn't care about your government's oppression' quite like announcing $2.5 billion in arms sales to Egypt on the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution," wrote one critic.
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Biden Must Take on Big Pharma Over Cancer Drug That Costs $189,000 Per Year

vor 9 Stunden 24 Minuten
The medication in question Xtandi—developed with taxpayer dollars and used to treat prostate cancer—costs up to five times more in the U.S. than in Japan, Canada, the U.K., or France.
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Dems Sound Alarm as Key US Vaccine Agency 'Running Out of Money'

vor 12 Stunden 28 Minuten
"We cannot afford to waste another moment and risk the emergence of yet another, even more dangerous variant," Democratic lawmakers write in a new letter.
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UN Officials Warn of 'Record-Shattering Month' for Civilian Deaths in Yemen

vor 22 Stunden 1 Minute
Following deadly strikes by the Saudi-led coalition, Oxfam is calling on the U.N. Security Council to condemn attacks on Yemenis and to "inject new urgency" into peace talks.
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Experts Say Nuclear Energy as Climate Solution Is Total 'Fiction'

25. Januar 2022 - 21:26
"The reality is nuclear is neither clean, safe, or smart; but a very complex technology with the potential to cause significant harm."
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Air and Water Under Threat as SCOTUS Targets Environmental Laws

25. Januar 2022 - 21:05
"It seems like we have a new conservative supermajority on the court that is much more inclined to do a slash-and-burn expedition through our major environmental laws."
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What If the Department of Homeland Security Was Aimed at the Nation It Was Created to Protect?

25. Januar 2022 - 20:59
The domestic agency created after the 9/11 attacks to keep this country "secure" has consistently ignored or downplayed the largest threat: far-right, anti-government extremists.
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